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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Save Trees - Ban IPL

For the past one week this was going on in my mind. After looking at this at I could not resist.

They say it.

Cricket Bats are made of willow which is again from a tree.

While professional players use willow, the mass uses wood from other trees.

Just imagine the number of kids joining Cricket coaching camp every summer?

Imagine the number of teams playing in the parks every weekend all over the country!!!

Imagine how much wood is being cut to make Cricket bats!!!

We are felling trees in the name of our favourite sport - Cricket

Of course, I too have played cricket, but I would say these fancy ads like what an idea sirji and the star endorsements like above, is all nonsense.

Posters for Abhishek Bachan's movies? Thats again a nonsense.

Its all just for money. And i would say - people just think!!!

Can anybody say "Save trees! Ban IPL!!" ??

You will be stoned and land up at Chennai-10.

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