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Monday, January 25, 2010

Spectacular Concert @ IIT Saarang 2010

A couple of weeks back i received a sms stating the IIT Saarang festival begins on 21st Jan 2010, and I immediately went to their website to view the details.

On day one it was Balamuralikrishna's opening ceremony and planned to attend the concert. (I could not make it actually)

After seeing the Popular nite page I was really thrilled as I had already missed their previous concert at the same venue some 4 yrs back.
Immediately tried to gather the entry pass details and found it was to be booked online.

A week passed and J called me asking if i had booked the entry passes seeing the ad in TOI. By the time I could try it online it was full. Was very disappointed.

Somehow J managed to get a pass from happy gal, and I was hoping to get a pass at the venue on the D day!!

Unfortunately J could not make it to the concert. Guess who was the happiest person?

Started at 6 and reached IIT and was waiting in the entry frisking queue.

Around half an hour past seven I went in. The dancing bowl was filled with blue chairs and the gallery was already jam packed.

Fusion performers 'Maya' were performing. I had already attended their performance at a festival in Saidapet and its a very good band. Later I cleared my doubt, they were the winners and runners up in Light Music competition it seems. Here is a sample of their talent.

The missing pieces were the violinist whom i saw at their previous performance and a bass guitarist. The trio has got a great voice and I wish they become a great professional band and perform in many parts of the world.

I was searching for a single seat and got one very near to the stage.

That was a spectacular concert at IIT Saarang 2010.

Popular Nite - by Shankar Ehsaan Loy

The moment the band started, the crowd roared and jumped and danced.

It was two hour non stop performance, with very humorous crowd engagement by Shankar Mahadevan.

The lead female singer Anushka was sexy, beautiful and had a great voice. She performed some three solo songs and later joined with shankar.

There was another singer named Raman, who had sung some numbers for SEL and what to say. His was also great.

Singer karthik was spotted, who went on to stage on Shankar's request and sang some three songs. What a voice.

Also spotted was Unni Menon. No he did not perform.

They performed all their popular songs, almost all the numbers from Rock On. Dil chatha hai, jonny gaddar etc. Later Shankar gave an intro of his band and said the drummer and Bass Guitarist at the concert were the real drummers for Rock On. Vow.

Loy and Ehaasan were very cool and their performance was awesome. One can learn a lot from this band.

The crowd gave a 'Breathless' request, and we were gifted with Shankar performing it live.First time watching him perform in a live concert.

SEL is a great band and i pray god they compose for many more movies and enthrall the masses.

In the end Shankar made us roar, Jai Hind thrice.

End Of the Day , I was the happiest soul on earth after the concert.

Once again Jai Ho!!! :)

PS: My Jai Ho concert experience here.(and the missing connection is I was single and not with any gang all thru the concert)

Three reasons why I cant forget the day:

The way i got the entry pass to this concert, saw my favourite singers shankar,karthik and Unni Menon very close to me,and lastly my seating loaction at the venue ;)