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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

With Three Wives !!!

When i was in 8th standard I started learning maths.
Learnt Maths from this Genius (tution sir) and in my high school (1998 - 2000) same genius taught me Maths ,Physics and Chemistry.
When he was at the right age to marry (25) we asked him why he is still unmarried.

He asked us 'Who said i am not yet married?'

We were staring at him in awww

He said 'I am married and have three wives.'
'Maths Physics and Chemistry'.

He is a great person and is still maitaining a balanced life with these three wives (only).
Such is his love for Physics and maths and Chemistry.

He is the secretary of 'The Physics Society'
and is the pet disciple of the founder.

PS: This post was induced by a blog at my workplace intranet by this person on his lovers and wives.