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Monday, October 12, 2009

Jai Ho - A R Rahman Concert

The 'jai ho' concert was excellent, showcasing Great talents.
Marg Swarnabhoomi is some 90 km from Chennai and I feel pity for my fellow audience as we had to travel so long for A R Rahman's live concert. They should not call it 'Concert at Chennai'. But for A R Rahman, nobody would have travelled so long.
Next time on, may i request the organizers to conduct such performances in some Open Stadium, nearby the city and request the people humbly to use public transports. Inexperienced drivers driving in ECR in such a traffic, was very dangerous.
The buses arranged by the organizers were all empty. Very few used the facility. I too did not use the Bus service thinking it might be crowded. I went in my bike 180 km up and down. But thats the reason why I bought a 150 cc bike. :)

Blazee, Benny Dayal and Sivamani were as good as they usually are.
Lots of Hindi songs. Performing in TamilNadu many people would have been happier if there were as many songs from Tamil too.
I was expecting Chinmayee to perform 'Sahana' from 'Sivaji, The Boss' and Karthik performing songs esp from Baba. Both did not perform. Chitra was as cool as she is and she filled our hearts with her great voice. 'Kannalaney' from Bombay was the highlight esp after Rahman performed the Hindustani (I think) Arziyan song from Delhi 6 and two more songs clad in Muslim Topi aka yankee, we say 'gulla'.And of course 'Humma' song from the same film was rocking. In the end Jai ho and Vande mataharam was touching.
Everybody performed like a school kid. They jus did what was said and was fantastic. Nothing extra nothing less. Sheer performance. That is what I like in A R Rahman's troupe.
Rehena (A R Rahman's Sister) performed a song and she was mostly with chorus during the concert. It was good to see her performing in her brother's concert esp in his home town - Chennai.

All through the concert i had 'mei silirkum' experience.

The Fireworks was very colorful. Can I say raining colors.

The concert started at 7:30 pm (supposed to start at 6.Thanks to traffic and A R Rahman himself who was late to the venue) and concluded at 10:45 pm.

oh! I forgot to mention 'Mustafa' song. It was awesome and they flew hot air balloons as A R Rahman performed this song. One small remote connection here.

I met my High School tuition mate (remember last seeing him some 5 years back) at the venue. It was really surprising and we felt happy. Cherished our memoirs. (I also befriended Meeran, Hema, Gokul and Hema's friend Anu who are Leo's team Mates at his workplace )

There are three reasons why i cant forget Oct 11 2009.

I watched A R Rahman performing live, met my high school buddy and third reached home safely without (my stolen) helmet. :)


  1. Well expressed.. :)
    Benny's taxi song was one of the best..

  2. gud post.. expect more from you...

  3. @hema thanks

    @shankar.n will definitely meet your expectations

  4. Watch the A R Rahman Live Jai Ho concert will be held at the GMR Arena HYderabad. This will be the first live concert in Hyderabad for India's pride, AR Rahman