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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do it - if you wanna learn

If you wanna learn something, start doing it.

for example: if you wanna learn Music, start singing first
only then you will inspire to learn music

if you wanna learn java ,start coding.
only then you will face compilation errors
and that will make you refer the docs and review the code
and make you learn Java.

if you wanna learn cooking start cooking something.
maybe you start with boiling milk,then dosa, idly, chappati
then try your hand in making vegetable fries and then to rice items.

i have learnt this lesson in many instances.

i have learnt riding bicycle by riding it.
read books to improve my reading and writing skills.

i learnt managing people by really managing them and facing hard times.

so i believe in just doing it first whether you know or not if you are really interested in learning a thing.

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